Check in time is at 4.00 p.m. and check out time is at 11 a.m. the next day. This time is fixed and may be changed only if management allows so.

At Shivarmachi camping site two packages are offered. 

  1. Swiss tent package where the tents are spacious and offer more privacy to guests.
  2. Camping tent package where the tents are smaller but well equipped. These tents are usually preferred by solo campers, office groups and friend groups.

In both packages, guests will be offered an authentic camping experience amid natural surroundings.

Package cost at Shivarmachi includes overnight stay in tents, evening tea and snacks, limited barbequed appetizers (veg and non veg), unlimited dinner (veg and non veg) and a bonfire and music night. Guests can use free parking facility at the camp site. There are facilities for outdoor as well as indoor sports as well for which guests are requested to contact the management.

Shivarmachi camping site is easily accessible by road from Pune city. Private cabs or buses may be booked to reach the camping site from either Pune station, Khadki station or Shivaji Nagar station. Alternatively people may book a cab directly from their location to Shivarmachi camping site.

In order to avoid over crowding and lack of space, it is advisable to visit Shivarmachi camping site with prior booking only. Tents may not be available for guests looking for last minute accommodation. Contact the campsite management for booking details.

Shivarmachi Lake View Resort

Step into the world of camping that is surrounded by greenery, serenity, a beautiful lake and of course, TENTS !! Shivarmachi promises to offer a memorable experience of camping at Panshet in Pune.

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